Yoga: To stay fit and stay bright

Yoga is required to offer a range of health benefits to stay fit. Yoga Asana will help you take care of your both emotional and physical health. And during this Corona time it has become necessary to stay fit and active. When our physical body is healthy, our mind is clear and focused, and stress is under control. Stay active, help us to maintain a healthy weight, decrease the risk for type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and reduce the risk of some cancers.

In this modern time we can not fulfill physical and emotional demands in  many areas of life. People are suffering from Mental stress, Anxiety, Insomnia because of less exercise and physical activity.

Yoga and physical activities help you to stay fit and active the whole day: We are too familiar with modern lifestyles that cause Physical and psychological problems. Yoga is systematic, and gratitude that offers something valuable in all phases of life.

The word Yoga obtained from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj’ means ‘to join’ or ‘to unite.’ The practice of Yoga has originated in pre-Vedic Indian traditions, probably in the Indus valley civilization around 3000 BCE. According to yogic scripture, it leads to a great harmony between the human mind, body, and nature.

The spread of Yoga:

The practice of Yoga for both spiritual and meditative use was known as Yogachara, which consisted of eight significant steps of meditation called “insight.” In the 5th century, Yoga was intended for meditation and religious use, but not as a form of workout. The first core value analyzed an individual’s perception and cognitive state while understanding the cause of suffering and eventually using meditation to solve it. The second core value focused on boosting consciousness, and the third was used as a way of achieving transcendence. The fourth value was full of mystery because it used Yoga to penetrate other people’s bodies and act supernaturally.

Benefits of Yoga to stay fit:

  • Physical health: Maintain blood pressure, beneficial for respiration( making them more durable and flexible), manage blood sugar, prevent digestive problems, boost immunity, help in pain management, and reduce weight reduction.  
  • Social health: Builds awareness for transformation, reduces impulsivity, increases patience, and improves attention. Yoga is a tremendous Social-emotional learning tool.
  • Mental health: Yoga builds clarity of thought, inner freedom, contentment, and self-confidence. However, to control our minds, we must first analyze and purify it. Keep yourself in good company and read the inspirational text to purify your mind, improve mood, and relieve stress.
  • Spiritual health: Although it is not a religion, this ancient practice can affect a person in a spiritual sense. It embraces a principle of non-violence in feelings and thoughts. Prayer, meditation, Mantra, positive thinking and tolerance, lead us to spiritual health. Yoga is the primary method of teaching humans to protect life and respect individuality and independence. The spiritual goal of Yoga is god realizing the union of the individual soul with god.

Hence, practice of Yoga helps you improve your body, build inner peace and relax your mind. And of course, Yoga is not only one day of training; it is a lifetime commitment. For all those practitioners who wish for a healthy life or who have not yet become practitioners, please give your 30 minutes to yoga, especially in times of this pandemic.

Hope this blog will help you emphasize yoga activity in your daily routine and maintain Yoga goals for everyday life.

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