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Why is online learning so important during coronavirus?

Every year, many countries’ education system is disrupted due to climate change, natural hazards, and armed conflict. This pandemic spread uniformly after the second world war. Most countries closed schools for safety and as a matter of public health.

Every learner is now dependent on the government of their region to get back to learning. In this situation, students are on the highest risk profile of being excluded for various reasons. It includes students with disabilities and those who are experiencing barriers to accessing education.

UNESCO has recommended that countries “adopt a variety of hi-tech, low-tech and no-tech solutions to assure the continuity of learning”. However, much focus is turned to online learning platforms.

Learning online has become more and more common these days. It is either for comfort, to adapt to the work hours, or just for freedom of study anytime, anywhere.

During this pandemic we need to stay at home, it has become more important than ever before. In the world of technology, it has become easier to learn things through the internet. Now online education is becoming comfortable for both students and tutors with the help of computers and smartphones.
At the pace of this pandemic, online learning helps you achieve your career goals. Advanced technology can plan, manage, and support the digital transformation of needs for the education industry.

What makes online learning more interesting?

In the last few years, online learning has become interesting. It is because of the increased choices in online courses, degrees, and Spoken English Online programs.

Some positive aspects of online learning are as follows:

Technology evolution:
Learning by video, voice recognition, automatic correction, and live examination are some examples of online learning effectiveness.

Easy to access:
The online classroom is easily accessible with the help of technology. The online learning platform offers a flexible schedule where we can record calls and view them later.

Effective and affordable:
As we know that schools or colleges are very expensive, and it also takes time. Online classes provide you with the same quality of education at a much lower price than any physical institution.

Allows you a customized lesson:
Online education also suits the individual needs and ability levels of each student. You can choose or set your lesson time.

A platform for Online Spoken English Course like Evopry allows students to select a time and personalized lessons with a tutor. This will help in more interaction and more valuable feedback between you and your teacher. And the facility to learn anytime, anywhere, which will provide you with a more dynamic and tailor-made education.

Why is online learning important during the coronavirus?

Evopry identifies these gaps in the system in a pandemic situation and brings learners and tutors an opportunity. They can connect on a single platform for one-on-one learning. We provide a chance to learn every day to every learner.

The current state of the fight against coronaviruses is something that concerns all of us. And so it is very important to follow the guidance from the WHO to stay home. But it doesn’t mean that we stop learning! Keep yourself motivated and learn at home and join us now!

#StayatHome but never stop learning. 

We are #StrongerTogether

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