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Where do good ideas come from?

Philosophically ideas are usually taken as the mental representational of some object. Many philosophers have considered ideas to be a fundamental ontological category of being.

The great mind in human history seems to be the spring of good ideas and innovation. An idea is often just the tip of the iceberg for developing something much more significant. There is great value in allowing others to come into the conversation about the idea.

We can say ideas are a collection of thoughts that generate in mind.  

The question is, how ideas are formed in our mind? Thoughts are a key to innovation; without them, there is no to execute, and executing is key to learning, so basically, ideas are necessary for improvement.

Steven Johnson, his views are no coincidence. In his book, Where Good Ideas Come From, Johnson explores the origins of innovation. He attempts to determine what kind of environment best serves ideas to give readers practical strategies for innovating in their own lives. It Is productive.

Ideas alone can’t make innovation. You need to build a well-organized process for managing those ideas. The office or workplace that creates physical space that fosters idea generation.

The magic moment of idea creation happens when our brain reaches intense gamma activity of 300 milliseconds. Gamma activity indicates the binding together of neurons as brain cells connect in a new neural network.

As mentioned, ideas are the first step in making improvements and making progress as individual human beings. New ideas help you move forward in the human nature perspective if you feel stuck with the task.

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