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Traditional dance forms of Indian culture

INDIA, since the earliest time known for its rich civilization and famous for its cultural activities, Traditional dance is one of them. It’s a high culture famous all over the world. There are many cultural festivals and dance acts performed by the people, and there are several dance forms in Indian culture. Most Indian dance forms believe in NATYA SHASTRA created by THE LORD NATRAJ to entertain and plead the GOD in prehistoric times.  

Most Traditional dance forms enact a mythology story or weave a tale contemporary through their moves, posture, expressions, and movements, this is the best part of Indian culture.

We all know INDIA has different colors like INDIA is the only country where we see diverse religions and their various rituals. In this order, dance forms are one of them; each state has its dance form, which is as famous as others. They perform these dance forms at their festivals. With this blog, we will take a journey of the outstanding dance form of Indian culture.

Enjoy Traditional dance Forms


BHARATANATYAM is a significant form of Indian classical dance that is most famous in south India, Tamil Nadu. It is also known as “sadeer attam”; it is the oldest dance form of India.


KATHAK is famous in NORTH, WEST, and CENTRAL INDIA. Primarily found in Northern INDIA with the same historical influence as BHARATNATYAM in South INDIA. It is also a significant dance form gifted from the MUGHALS. The origin of this dance form is from Uttar Pradesh. There is lots of importance of NAZAKAT, or you can say mannerism.


ODISSI again is classical dance mainly performed in a temple, this dance form famous in ORISSA STATE. Samjukta Panigrahi, along with her guru Kelucharan Mahapatra, is credited with this extinct Odissi dance famous on the eastern seacoast.


KATHAKALI is one of the hardest dance form indigenous in Kerala. Its costume and makeup are massive compared to other dance forms; only the trained artist expertly carries the makeup and costume.


MANIPURI is also known as “jagoi”. The central theme of this dance form is “LORD KRISHNA,” performing Raas Leela with his gopis. It originated in Northern India Manipur, GURU VIPIN SINGH was the teacher or said guru of this popular dance form.


The origin of the KUCHIPUDI dance is in KUCHIPUDI village, ANDHRA PRADESH. It is the sixth top most classical dance in India. KUCHIPUDI includes drama performance, with its roots in Hindu Sanskriti of NATYA SHASTRA.

There are lots of dance forms like LAVANI in MAHARASHTRA, KATHI in WEST BENGAL, MOHINIYATTAM in KERALA, and BHANGRA in PUNJAB, GHUMAR in RAJASTHAN. These are the most famous dance forms of INDIAN CULTURE, every state-owned and originated their particular dance form. These dance forms are playing an essential part in INDIAN TRADITIONS.

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