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How to Start Your Journey of Becoming an Online Language Teacher?

Learning a new language is an asset. Start your new journey with Evopry, become an Online Language Teacher. If you can speak fluent English, better job opportunities knock on your door. Let’s top that up with another language – French, German, or Spanish. Knowing different languages will give you the opportunity to travel and work with top companies. 

Let’s say you know a second or third language, you can start teaching online. It is a lucrative career option as you get to decide how many students you wish to teach and the hourly price you want to set. 

There is total flexibility in work hours and also the money you earn. The question is – How do you start your journey of becoming an Online Language Teacher

This article answers that question and helps you kick-start your teaching career and shows how you can teach a language. 

Who is eligible to be an online language teacher? 

To become an online language teacher, you must possess some skills. These include:

  1. Know a second language such as Spanish, French, German, Russian, Hebrew, Urdu, etc. (you can also teach the first language you know). Many people are teaching their native language to students. 
  2. If you want to learn English, you have to be a pro in it. Your sentence construction skills, vocabulary, and way of explaining concepts should be perfect. Even if your teaching skills are not impressive, you will be able to learn it by preparing lessons and interacting with students. 
  3. You must have a computer/laptop/phone and a strong internet connection to get started. Your interaction with the student is dependent on these two things – internet and a medium to teach. Ideally,  you should start teaching on a computer or a laptop. 
  4. In the case of teaching English language, you must be fluent in it. Both written and verbal abilities should be spot-on. 

Note: Having a college degree is not as important to start your online teaching journey. You may be a fresher in college but if you have the expertise in a subject, you must start teaching because there is a lot of scope to earn, learn, and grow. 

You might be wondering which platform allows you to apply for online language teaching jobs without a degree? Furthermore, you can reveal that in our next section. 

Where to find online language teaching jobs? 

You have searched the entire World Wide Web and are not able to find a decent online language learning platform. 

Fortunately, there are a handful of them that allow you to start teaching without a degree. 

You can become an English Teacher Online by joining platforms like Evopry. 

Getting started as a teacher here is easy. Hundreds of languages are listed here, and the platform needs talented and skilled people like you. 

Even if you do not possess a college degree, you can join the platform and start teaching. You must know the language by heart. If It’s Spanish, English, French, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, or German (or any other language for that matter), you know how to speak and write proficiently. 

How much should you charge for your services?

Teaching a language online is different from teaching in a school or college setting. In online teaching, you get to decide how many hours you wish to work and the amount you get to earn.

You can teach one student or ten students – it depends on your work capacity and schedule. The choice is yours because you have to set an hourly charge based on your skills and expertise. 

Teachers start as low as $3 for an hour, and it goes up to $100 an hour. 

Make sure the pricing is student-friendly, because that way you will get more students to select you as their tutor. 

Summing up 

Getting started as an online teacher is not a complicated task. Go to a language tutoring platform like Evopry and start your journey by registering, making a good profile, and giving a spectacular demo class. 

We are 100% certain that you will do a great job! 

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