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Make your life better with the word “Thank you”

“Thank you” is the most common phrase in the whole world, because every second person uses it in daily conversation. As we know that gratitude is the most important thing in this whole world. It is suitable in almost any situation, and a better response when you really feel grateful. And we feel that sometimes we are unable to find the right words to express our gratitude to someone. 

“Thank you” is the most common phrase, but the question is how do you use it? When you feel grateful for who supports, helps, compliments or favors.

Mostly we use these words to show gratitude; Thank you. / Thanks so much. / Thanks a lot. / Thanks a bunch. / Thanks!
But don’t you think these words are so common? There are a lot of choices we have, instead of saying “thank you” only.

Informal situation:

There are some situations (Informal)  given below with some examples where you can say thanks with charm to attract others: 

When someone compliments you:

 Like the way you dressed,  

       “I am so grateful.”

      “Say I am glad that you like it.”

Or you play well in-game, 

       “Thank you for going above and beyond.”

When you share gratitude to your loved ones:

      “This means a lot to me, I have never thought someone will ever think this much for me.”

      “Thank you, my love, for always making me feel lovable.”

When someone supports you in any situation: 

      “Thank you for accepting me as I am, with my virtues and defects.”

When your friend stays awake to help you: 

     “You are just the best, I owe you the one I wouldn’t have finished without you” 

      “I appreciate your time.”

       “You save my day.” 

When you have such a hectic day and your dear ones cook food for you: 

     “I can’t thank you enough for making this food for me.”

      “Consider yourself heartily, thanks.”

When your colleague brings a coffee for you: 

     “Thanks! You’re awesome for thinking of me.”

      “Accept my endless gratitude.”

Now we will discuss how to respond for “thank you” at workspace. Of course, there are differences between your personal and professional lifestyle. The choice of words is also different. At your work space it requires more formal language.
For example, when you are receiving an appreciation award in the office, you have to be more formal in expressing your gratitude in your speech,  but you cannot be formal at your wedding reception or any personal event.

We use formal words  to express gratitude when we write notes or send professional emails to our colleagues, or boss. On the other hand When we talk to our friends and relatives, the choice of words is slightly different. 

Here we will talk about how to say thank you at your workplace.

Formal situation: 

When your friends help you in a miserable condition:

      “I am so grateful for your help, it’s a very tough time for me to survive.” 

      “How can I ever possibly thank you, It was a challenging time, but you made it easier.”   

When you send an appreciation to your team for hard work: 

       “You have all my gratitude, I truly appreciate everyone’s efforts and commitments to our success.” 

     “Thank you for taking the time out of your time to meet our deadline.”

Say, thank you professionally:

When you are writing official business emails like writing to thank someone from a different office or other company: 

        “Thank you for your assistance with/attention to this matter. We look forward to hearing from you shortly.”

 When you appreciate someone’s work: 

      “I cannot express my appreciation, you did well.” 

       “Your support in this discussion is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to continuing our work with you.”

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