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How to improve your English through social media

In the world of technology, we can get almost everything with a single click. We all have smartphones, tabs, laptops, and we all use social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitter. Have you ever thought about how social media tools can help you practice and improve your English skills? 

Today, learning English is becoming more popular, we all have skipped the old methods of learning. Of course, you can’t learn English by reading textbooks and doing practice tests. You can improve your English by putting what you learned into practice. With the vast approach of the Internet and its attendant technology, lots of options exist to improve your English skills. These options involve interacting with others online via social networks – communicating in order to learn about other cultures, having fun, and learning English at the same time.

How to improve your English speaking skills through social media?

  • Add yourself in English-language learning groups:
    There are so many English learning groups on social media apps like Instagram and Facebook. You can join those groups where people are there from all over the world. These groups are a great way to connect with people of different levels. Here many of the users post various materials according to their learning experience. Here you can get instant feedback about what and how are you learning!
  • Follow organizations, language learning platforms and teachers who share language learning tips:
    Follow the people on social media who post useful materials and the best possible ways to improve your language because that can help you to answer the question that you didn’t even know. Bookmark the post to learn it better.
  • Learn through YouTube channels:
    Of course, when we think about social media we can’t forget YouTube. Because there are countless quality videos and tutorials about English grammar and pronunciation. Some are funny and some are more informational. So on, watching videos is a great way to extend your English speaking level and provides you pronunciation tips.
  • Connect with native English speakers:
    Twitter is the best choice to engage in conversations. Yes, there is a limit of characters for every tweet, many people use abbreviations and short forms; this means that, although it won’t necessarily teach you to perfect formal English, it will introduce you to English slang.
  • Do Practice pronunciation with friends:
    You can do practice with your friends through Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. You can make friends online and converse with them through these social media platforms. Or you book online lessons through skype which is also a good option to practice and make yourself correct in English pronunciations.

Start Learning English Online 

Finally, if you really love to improve your English skills online outside of the classroom then Evopry can be the best choice for you. Here you can meet with native speakers online via skype and can get the best tips to improve your English within a short time.

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