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Importance of tourism in our life

Tourism is a short-term movement of the people. It is an interaction among tourists, tourism suppliers, host countries, and host governments. It plays a vital part in the growth of any country. 

Tourism is essential for many countries to the economy and generates opportunities for the employment of many people. Tour and traveling are a primary source of the economy of every nation; it boosts revenue of the economy. It acts as a power supply of the Economy engine. For these reasons, the Government and some NGOs encourage tour and travel agencies may sometimes promote some specific region support development.

Tourism connects you socially when a tourist visits another country. Travel experiences are often the most outstanding memories for a traveler. Host communities established direct or indirect relations with tourists.
Tourism is the best sector to explore new things and ideas. By traveling from one place to another, we get to know about various traditions, cultures, and lifestyles. Tourism promotes countries and cities socially and economically. It continuously helps in the growth of infrastructure of a country such as; Roads and highways for the positive impact of locals and tourists.

In the 21st Century, Tourism is a highly developed industry. All over the world, travel interaction gained more knowledge than any textbook. Traveling experience gives you more opportunities to explore the real world. 

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