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How to deal with the feeling of being overwhelmed?

It seems that it is impossible to deal with depression or sadness. We have gone through this situation, and it affects us all at some moment in our lives. We feel that there is no way to come out of sorrow and despair, sometimes we get trapped in a flowing black hole. These overwhelmed feelings are natural in everyone’s life at some point. We also feel worn sometimes to the extent that everything we do seems unnecessary.

Symptoms of depression


Anxiety, Impassivity, General Restlessness, Guilt, Hopelessness, Loss of interest, Loss of interest or pleasure in activities, Mood Swings, or Sadness


Sleep: Early Awakening, Excess Sleepiness, Insomnia, or Restless Sleep


Agitation, Excessive Crying, Irritability, Restlessness, or Social Isolation

Techniques to deal with depression and sadness:

Find a hobby:

Finding a hobby is a very useful tool to divert attention from the things that disappoint you. Sometimes you need to do something new to get your mind out of a situation. There are lots of games and things that you can add to your hobbies like; Reading, dancing, learning, etc.

Going out with friends and family:

Traveling is always the best option to get you out of anxiety or sadness. It gives you real happiness and peace. Whenever you may feel lonely and lost, remember that there are friends and family members who enjoy your company. Moving around and doing something with them can help to clear your mind from problems for some time.

Keep yourself busy:

Being busy is a great exercise to keep you motivated and avoid distracting attention. If you keep yourself busy then you don’t have time to think about the past and things that depressed you. Look into the future and discover the things you can do in the future to create a stronger version of yourself.

Always look for the future:

The past usually causes our grief and depression. So you don’t need to think about the past, you should always move forward. Focus on the present and your future life goals.
Whenever you feel depressed, keep this question in your mind that always inspires you – where do you see yourself in the future?
So, motivate yourself to start working on something bigger. We cannot change what has happened or what we have done, but we can change our future.

Always remember your good qualities:

We all have some good and bad qualities, all you need to think about your good qualities to offer to the world and the surrounding people. Each of us has qualities, don’t underestimate yourself, be optimistic; There is so much to get in this world just you need to walk your way.

Visualize time and happiness:

We often think that happiness is only for a short time, and we stop imagining good things, but this is not true all you need to visualize your happiness in every moment of life. Remember the good times that you spent with your family and friends, just close your eyes and make yourself happy and take a picture to remember this moment for a lifetime. Let yourself be in that moment and feel what you felt and see what you saw.

Eliminate the internal negative talks:

The way we talk to ourselves can make or break our emotions. If we are frequently telling ourselves how bad we are, how ugly we are, how silly we are, or any other negative thinking, then our mood reflects how we feel about ourselves. When these thoughts start to decline, we should think about the positive things we have to offer.

Set your goals and start working them:

Goals are vitally important, for success and to give yourself a drive. All you need to do is some internal reflection on what you want to achieve; in the short term and long term. You can start with some small goals such as; working out, reading a book next week, or making new hobbies.

Share your feelings with others:

It may seem tough to share your problems with others but, talking about your problems and things that hurt you can help to heal your pain. Family and friends are the best choices to share your problems and talk about them. It gives you relief from stress.

You may not always be able to control the way you feel, but you can control the way you react to those feelings. Take back control of your life and remember that you have made it through all the hard times of your life, so there is no reason to believe that this time will be any different.

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