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How to change your beliefs to change your life?

When you change your beliefs your thoughts are change automatically, different actions give different results. Beliefs are not based on facts, they are the hardest thing to change for a person. It’s the thought that our belief is repeated so often, it creates a specific pathway in the brain from which we can be truly independent, and we should be able to change the pattern of thinking.  

Changes in behavior and building better habits are your identity. Every action you perform is motivated by the fundamental belief that it is possible. So if you change your identity make it easy to change your action. 

“Your beliefs are colored glasses through which you can see the world”. 

Think about how difficult it is to change an integral habit or seemingly continuous thought process. Your conscious mind may think of making changes, but your subconscious where habits have to arise will drag you into the same hut.

Make a new belief to change your lives 

  • Perfection is an illusion that lets us stand in the way of trying new things.
  • Time: This is not something you cannot start today. We get only one chance in life so that we can make the most of it.
  • Goals: Set your goals and celebrate achieving them, even when you are getting out of bed every morning.
  • Learn: learn and love small things because sometimes it includes the things in life from that we put more energy into life.
  • Appreciate: Accept yourself to do things that you cannot change in the past, but you will start changing it from today.
  • Worry: We need to stop worrying because if we can move past then we can do a lot more positive things.
  • Take Small Steps: We don’t need to get everything straight to build skills over time.

How can you make the old belief disappear?

Your identity originates from your habits. You are not born with predetermined beliefs. Each belief, including oneself, is learned and conditioned through experience. 

More precisely, your habits are how you adopt your identity.

“Don’t let your old beliefs fade through lack of Attention”.

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