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How to Become an Online English language Teacher

Teaching English via the internet has become more trending in the last few years. Especially teaching English to foreign students is extremely in high demand all over the world. 

There are so many key elements to love about teaching the English language from home, like managing your schedule easily, virtually meeting different people around the world, etc.

Nowadays Teaching the English language through the Internet is becoming the most convenient, expressive, and a great way to make money.

Being a teacher you need to focus that your learners will get the most out of your online English sessions. For this, you need to plan or contact students to ask his/her requirements.

What does it mean to teach English online? 

Online teaching is the process of educating others through the Internet. In online teaching, multiple methods can be used, such as personalized video calls and webinars.

The great reason that makes online teaching more interesting and convenient is that you do not need to travel long distances from one place to another place. You can save your traveling time by meeting students online anytime, anywhere. 

The best element of online teaching is to forget to use old textbooks and boring worksheets during the sessions. In online classes, you can use flashcards, videos, blogs, and lots of excellent resources to draw students’ attention to study.

Basic Requirements to become a Tutor?

  1. Be fluent in English. There are a lot of online tutoring platforms that do not require a degree to teach online but if you do not have a degree then you need to be fluent in English and make sure you have completed the appropriate certificate.
  2. A good internet connection. Being an English native speaker is not enough to be a successful online English language teacher. Sometimes there are some other factors like poor internet connection, etc that can affect your online teaching journey so try to fix that before starting an online lesson. You must have a reliable and fast internet connection to avoid any interruption during communication with students. The major advantage of online teaching is that you can take online lessons even if you are traveling, so make sure that you have a good internet connection while traveling. When you travel, always choose locations based on the reliability of the Internet. Of course, high internet speed is always better in online teaching!
  3. Choose a quiet place to take lessons. Sometimes to have unwanted background noise during the session can create a bad impression on your students. So all you need to keep is, choose a quiet place where you are taking lessons.
  4. Create a good profile and introduction video. As an online tutor, you can promote your teaching services by creating an eye-catching tutor profile. You can make a great impression on your students by including a good-quality introduction video showing your teaching styles. Because your tutor profile provides potential students a snapshot of your teaching ability that makes you a unique tutor. Your tutor profile must include information such as; your photo, bio, certificates, hourly teaching price, and all you need to highlight about your specialties and teaching skills.
  5. Use headphones. To avoid echoes use headphones during the lesson. Headsets are essential tools in online classes. If you use a headset during the lesson, your mind will begin to associate you with work and will serve as a productive tutor whenever you put it on.
  6. Certificate or no certificate? Previously, online tutors did not need any certification, if they were native speakers. But for now, certification provides you more tutoring opportunities. 

          Students prefer to choose those tutors who have certificates in the field of their teaching subject. Certification will make you unique among the other tutors.

Where can I become an online English language tutor?

Most people think about teaching English online because through this you can get a digital nomad lifestyle. There are so many platforms to get some experience teaching online and Evopry is one of them. Evopry allows you to set your hourly tutoring prices and flexible schedule. It is super convenient and flexible to become an online English language teacher on Evopry so that you can adapt it to your lifestyle. And don’t worry, if you do not have any experience in teaching online, because we all start from somewhere. 

If you are planning to teach in an online environment, create your tutor profile on Evopry, and stand out the profile among other tutors it connects you with students globally through Skype or Zoom video calls. It also provides you an opportunity to earn your living without leaving home.

Is it worth becoming an online English language teacher?

If you’re looking for flexible working hours, then teaching online can be the perfect job option, it’s a fun way to work from the comfort of your own home and earn money, whether, with a full-time schedule and a side gig.

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