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Why is it essential to have good writing skills?

Good writing skills is the ability to write something worthwhile with grammatical improvement, and for the readers to understand your thoughts and ideas easily; which is called excellent writing skills.

Good writing skills ensure professional growth:

Good writing skills are a vital part of professional growth. It is the core aspect while writing resumes, dealing with clients about company products, building customer relationships, etc.

Good writing is required in sales because large customers prefer written offers. Even when you writing resumes, clear and well-written sentences highlighting your experience, qualities, and character, that will help you to gain the confidence of recruiters.

Most of the English training centers (online or traditional) focus much more on teaching spoken English than developing the writing skills of a learner. A person who wants to speak English fluently should know that he should first have a good command over written English. Once your writing skills are good, then your communication skills will be automatically good.

What makes you a good writer?

A good writer is one, who can capture the absolute heart of their readers in a single sentence. Or is it one who can take a simple idea and expound on it with a plethora of words, accurately identifying every angle? Or is it something altogether different?”

Writing is just to express your views on the subject you want to address your audience in the right way.

Good writing skills allow you to articulate your message with clarity to a vast audience than a face-to-face or telephone conversation.

Writing is the primary source when someone starts to work. It is based on our learning or intelligence at the workplace and in the community. Writing is important because It represents your thinking skills, and also makes your thinking or learning visible and sustainable.

Elements that can make you a good writer:

  • Pay attention to detail: Catch the reader’s expectations and make a Connection with your thoughts because good written communication forms a connection between the reader and the writer.


  • User engaging words: Be flexible in thought processes, In the time of the writing you need to be detail-oriented. Every little letter and character must be in the right place and have a defined purpose.
  • Clarity: Clarity, Concision, accuracy- Say what you mean, as clearly, or summaries your views as possible. This will help the reader to suggest that you’re sure what you’re writing about.


  • Choose a comfortable environment: No distraction helps you to manage time for writing, it’s what makes you comfortable. 

How to improve writing skills: 

There are some steps that you can exert to develop your written skills and impress people.

  • Develop a good and active vocabulary to express yourself. It is helpful to express your ideas in writing.
  • Read regularly like novels, newspapers to improve your grammatical errors. The more you read, the more you understand. 
  • Focus on Correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. These are the keys to written communications.
  • One of the best tricks to check and improve your work is to read it aloud, it helps you to review your content and can pick up problems with fluency.
  • Notice the purpose of writing? The goal or purpose of expressing oneself is to provide information, persuade or make literary work through a piece of writing.
  • Study or review all the points you have written.
  • Stay focused and connect with your thoughts and personal experiences, write something about travel diaries, business trips, and quotes. But you cannot write effectively without connecting your brain to your heart. The way you are focused, more aware, and intelligent.
  • Outline, edit, simplify, and improve your writing tasks, give some time to analyze what you have written so that you can connect with the audience.
  • Write something from your everyday experience, and try to make it your routine practice. 

Follow these specific features to improve writing skills. This improvement is helpful not only for academic life but also for many editors, such as newspaper editors, and in the career field. Writing communication helps you define goals, identity, and reach solutions. It is a primary aspect of everyone’s life.

Writing skills are a vital part of your work in terms of sending emails because poorly structured sentences or grammatical errors have a wrong impact on your work.

Therefore, good writing skills not only improve communication in the workplace but can also influence how you are perceived. 

Each time you end up happily and successfully with your impressive written communication skills, you become more confident, positive, established, and motivated.

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