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How vocabulary improves all areas of communication?

The vocabulary matters when you learn a new language because it can be defined by the words of a language, including phrases or chunks of several words that convey a particular meaning, the way individual words do. There are many aspects of learning a language, especially for English language learners, but English vocabulary is the most important in them.

Vocabulary is very important because it improves all areas of communication, we can not express our feelings without it. A robust English vocabulary improves overall communication — listening, speaking, reading, writing. A great number of words can help you to express your ideas in a meaningful manner.

Why is English vocabulary important?

We use spoken and written words every day to express ideas, thoughts, and feelings to the people around us. Sometimes we communicate successfully and sometimes not. “I didn’t mean that!” The mantra of often repeated words or phrases. However, a good vocabulary can help us to express what we actually mean.

Vocabulary is the key to learning the English language because, without sufficient Vocabulary, students cannot express their ideas or understand others.

Wilkins wrote that “Very little can be expressed without grammar or nothing can be expressed without vocabulary.” As students develop greater fluency and expression in English, it is significant for them to acquire more productive English vocabulary knowledge and formulate their vocabulary learning strategies.

Every day we hear and read many new English words. English has a large vocabulary. Expand your vocabulary by choosing the right words so that you can gain comprehension quickly without wasting a lot of time.

How to memorize vocabulary quickly?

Learn by writing: write the words in a notebook, It is the most effective way to improve vocabulary studies to learn the most common words. Regular writing practice is the key to memorize vocabulary. Vocabulary is a vital part of English communication; it is necessary for every perspective such as writing a resume, reading a book, or understanding people’s opinions. Vocabulary also makes your essay writing more attractive and understandable.

Learn by listening: When you come across interesting words from the people around you in your daily conversations, make a point to use them in context. Experiencing the art of words and practice to improve the errors will help you to hone the correct use of that word in a particular context.

Learn vocabulary by reading: you can learn words by reading books and magazines. The context of the word is enough for you to guess the meaning. Frequent use of words in reading helps you to know where and how to use these expressions in speaking and writing. Read fiction and non-fiction for the best results. It is a great way to learn new words in English.

  • Get more information about the words you read: The vocabulary can be divided into two parts- Active vocabulary and Passive vocabulary.
  • Active vocabulary is the collection of all the words that you can understand easily or use by yourself. Active vocabulary in English is probably much smaller than passive vocabulary.
  • Passive vocabulary includes words that you can easily understand after the first listening but you do not use them or you cannot remember in your writing and speaking.

Things to know about the words you learn: Usually when you read a new word then the first thing that comes to your mind is, word’s meaning and its translation into your language

Follow these ideas to learn English vocabulary easily:

  • Repeat the words many times.
  • Put the words in separate groups.
  • Visualize pictures and convert them into words.
  • Test yourself by using words in speaking or writing practice.
  • Write the words and definitions which you find difficult in using.

English vocabulary is complex with three different aspects related to form, meaning, and use layers of meaning connected with the roots of individual words. Learning vocabulary is just not about words; it includes literal phrases and knowledge of English vocabulary about how to go with learning. It is the most required skill to learn a language. You can build your English vocabulary with Evopry English language tutors for a better understanding of words. And apart from this, you also have a chance to learn the following things:

  • Correct spelling of a word
  • Correct pronunciation
  • Collocation of words
  • Co-related words
  • Its context and uses

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