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How to Improve English Speaking Skills Online?

English is now spreading throughout countries and cultures, and the ability to speak it well will open many doors for your career and social life. Learning to speak English fluently, confidently, and naturally is an achievable goal.

Many students have good grammatical knowledge. But when it comes to English conversation then they find themselves at a loss and nervous. You do not need to spend hours a day enhancing your English speaking skills.

Although there are different ways to improve English skills for everyone the best way to develop fluency in English is by listening and speaking practice.

How To improve your English speaking skills?

  • Expand your vocabulary

Words are all around us, understand all the words you hear and read, and try to use them in daily conversation.
Find more and more vocabulary around you. Read magazines like; sports, news, travel, and lots more. You can watch short English movies on the internet, and during the videos, you’ll hear all kinds of new words like formal, common, complicated, easy, and slang words.

You can hear words being used in sentences and conversations, this will help you learn how and when you can use these words correctly in your conversation.

  • Don’t be afraid of making mistakes

Do you feel nervous or tense when you know you’re about to engage in an English conversation? There are thousands of non-native English speakers and fear of mistakes is one of the most common problems for almost every person. Making mistakes is a natural part of learning and they only get worse when you let them happen repeatedly – and if you don’t learn through them so learn from your mistakes.

  •  Intensify grammar skills

As a language learner, correct grammar is your key to speaking English fluently and confidently. Knowing the grammar rules will help you avoid errors that make your English sound strange to native speakers. Pick a grammar rule to learn each day, you will be surprised how much better you can learn by analyzing your mistakes.

  • Find an English-speaking conversation partner

It is important to find a partner to be fluent in English. Because conversation with a native speaker is a great exercise to get over your fear. If you live around English speakers then you try to include informal conversations in your daily life. If that is not an option, you can find your English-speaking partner on Evopry, online via tools like Skype.

  •  Examine what you have learned

You can learn new vocabulary, phrases, or grammar by reviewing the things you have studied, and seeing how much you remember what you have learned?

 English learning is mainly divided into two parts:

Passive learning:

Passive learning is a traditional form of learning wherein teachers are seen as experts and they are expected to transfer knowledge to the learners. In short, passive learning is when the learners acquire knowledge without making any conscious efforts. For example:-

  • Listening English songs
  • Joining the ‘English conversation group’ on Messenger or WhatsApp
  • Watching English movies
  • Interacting with more and more English native speakers

Active learning:

You also need to be an active learner to learn English better. In the case of active learning, the responsibility of learning is taken by the Student. Active learning means you focus on when you are studying.
Active learning involves learning in the following ways:

  • Having discussion
  • Debates
  • Assignments
  • Independent study

There are so many platforms for practicing with native English speakers that will help you to examine your mistakes and correct them. You can analyze things in the following ways-

  • Start using the vocabulary that you have learned in your daily life communications.
  • Use the Grammar rules to make a correct sentence structure in the communication.


Therefore, do not be afraid of making mistakes be assured. People can only rectify your mistakes when they hear that you have done them. Do not worry, practice every day with Evopry English language tutors and make a study plan for yourself. Decide how much time you spend studying and sticking to it, and make a routine.

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