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English: As a most effective communication language

English is the most common language. It has standard quality, so it is accepted as a global language out of thousands of languages ​​spoken in various languages.

English plays a very important role in worldwide communication. There is no doubt, it is the most widely used communication device in the whole world. It is the language of international communication, media, and the Internet, so it is essential and extends its social entertainment and work skills.

As science and technology are progressing, there are some tremendous changes in business and marketing everywhere. The whole world became a village, and people needed to maintain a relationship with each other.

Business, trade, or commerce has gone international, and most organizers have it in other countries to maintain relationships with others in science, education, travel, tourism, with the use of English as a global language.

Presently English plays a major role in every field. Most words of communication are used in English.

English is the official language of about 54 countries, and is the most spoken language globally; It is like another native language. This language is spoken by the world’s 1.1 billion population. In research, English, the most spoken language in the world, should be the official international language; It is also a foreign language for business. It is a language for business, and English-speaking countries drive the global economy.

The English language is universal; Despite any other language, it has more speakers than any other language. English dominates globally but maybe at a major local level relative to the home language. Even when English has no legal or official status in some countries, a city with a strong infrastructure such as Dubai has a strong speaking community of English, where people do not speak their native language. In diverse international settings, English set the default language nowadays.

For over a century, English has been the most predominant language in the world; It is the primary language for business, medicine, science, diplomacy, education, and entertainment.

Why is English the most dynamic language?

Despite the rise of Spanish, Meridian, and even French, English is a language that everyone wants to learn. About 25% of the world’s population are learning the English language. Learning English is an important part of economic development. Whether you are a European businessman, an African villager, Chinese bureaucrat, English is undisputed as a global leader. Across countries, we see an increasing interest in the English language in center franchise opportunities or for the global arena.

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