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Emotions can take you on the way or take you out of the way

Several of us get the message that our emotions are not OK. If we are angry, we are told to calm down; if we are sad, we are told to get over it. So, we end up repressing our emotions or pushing them away, making us feel inauthentic, unmotivated, depressed, or worse.

Follow these perspectives to  control your emotions:

  • Stop complaining to others and appreciate how lucky you are every day.
  • Say goodbye to people who don’t bring positive energy to your life.
  • Embrace loneliness and resuscitate yourself in the process.
  • Throw off old prospects of learning like TV and set internet controls.
  • Pick any one skill you want to cultivate and put your efforts into expanding it.
  • Commit to the goal you set for yourself and never look back.
  • Sweat every day and work hard to focus on enhancing new skills to boost your mood.
  • Learn from each and every mistake you made.
  • Cut off unnecessary things.

  1.  Bitterness shows you where you need to improve, where you are still holding perceptions on others and yourself.
  2. Anger tells you what you are passionate about; Research overwhelmingly indicates that feeling angry increases optimism, creativity, effective performance—and research suggests that expressing anger can lead to more successful negotiations, in life or on the job. Where your barriers are, and what you believe you need to change.
  3. Discomfort shows you that you need to pay attention right now to what is happening because you are being given opportunities to change and do something different than you typically do.
  4. Sadness is one of the primary human emotions — the others being happiness, fear, and anger. Sadness is valid and useful; it alerts us to how we need to treat ourselves and how we want to be processed by others shows you the depth of your feelings, the extent of your care for others and the world.
  5. Shame explicates you internalizing other people’s beliefs, who you should be, and who you are, what you need to do to reconnect yourself.
  6. Guilt shows that you are still living your life in other people’s expectations of what you should do.
  7. Anxiety shows you that you need to awaken up right now and that you need to be present, don’t be stuck in the past, and in fear of the future.

 State the emotion skills following the RULER program: Recognize emotions in themselves and others, Understand where their feelings come from, Label emotions more precisely, Express emotions in different contexts, and Regulate (or manage) emotions more effectively. 

          The tactics that we use in RULER help people estimate what’s going on. Changing the storyline—or thinking about your sentiments from someone else’s perspective—can sometimes be very helpful…until it becomes psychological manipulation. You have to learn to take a step back and say to yourself. Let me evaluate this from the emotion scientist’s perspective. And when you do that, hope that you will make more informed decisions.

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