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Does the limit of my Language is the limit of my world?

What is the function of language? And how does language relate to the world’s reality?

In a book by the famous Austrian philosopher “Ludwig Wittgenstein”, the central question is: how does ‘language’ relate to the world i.c. reality? A question that puts interest to the readers to think about how language is important.

In wittgenstein’s view, language is something that ‘hangs’ over the world, it is like a mirror of the world. The question is how language tells us something about the world. 

What do you think? Does the boundary of the language mean the boundary of our world?

The limit of my language:

The common notion is that language is used in a term of communication, either spoken or written. It enables us to retrieve and convey information about the world and the ability to communicate with one another as human beings. 

Animals can communicate; In some reactions and behaviors, on the other hand, humans can give many ideas and purposes and symbolize the elements to the world with words. 

Insensitive propositions try to say something about the extent of language, its structures limit human knowledge or thought as well as determining thought processes such as categorization, memory, and perception. That means people who speak different languages ​​as their mother tongues have various thought processes.

Languages help us to understand human emotions: 

Language and understanding are both inseparable. The language we use; helps us to understand the feelings of others.

Language is essential; it enables humans to express the world’s propositions and gain a deeper understanding and communion with reality. This ability allows us to gain knowledge about the nature of consciousness and the human condition, the experience of being uniquely human.

Language for professional growth:

Language is the root of success, and Its purpose is to establish communication between humans; Lawyers, politicians, and even TV news anchors practice by using more and more words; To convince others with their thinking.

‘The boundaries of one’s world are being described based on the depth and quality of an adult’s language.”

Language does affect our knowledge; it’s a clear example of learning another language, where the language itself is giving you the knowledge; what we do not know is how much it affects the way we use it.

Language for learning: 

For all, I believe that language plays an enormous role in acquiring knowledge. But I also think that today there will be many ways to learn without language, videos, pictures, etc. Although, I still think that without an understanding of the language you can not get much knowledge. So yes, language plays an essential part in life, and it helps you to obtain knowledge from the past. 

Learning another language enables you to push the limits of your world. Wittgenstein the philosopher also agreed that we are limited to what we can verbally understand, something which I see as a sweeping generalization as it fails to take into account the many other forms of human interaction.

However, it is certainly hard to interact without language, and being able to speak more than just your native language permits a greater understanding of the world around you and gives you many more opportunities.

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